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Puppy Wellness

Puppy wellness is the preventive care we recommend and do for our puppies (dogs under 1 year of age).

Our goal with puppy wellness is very simple: we want to give the puppy the best possible start in life. We do this by a series of examinations, testing for intestinal parasites, deworming, appropriate immunizations, and recommendations on nutrition

For puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months of age, we recommend 3 visits at 3 week intervals.

We now have Puppy Wellness Plans! Only animals 6 weeks to 6 months old are eligible. Please call us for details!

1st visit:

Introduction to our hospital and staff

Physical exam: covers 12 separate areas of the pet

Fecal testing: we recommend two tests at the first visit:

1. A fecal floatation to detect the more common worm-type intestinal parasites

2. A giardia test to determine presence of Giardia (For more information on Giardia, click here), a protozoal parasite. Giardia is very difficult to detect with a fecal floatation

Deworming: all puppies should be dewormed for hook and roundworms, even with a negative fecal sample. This is recommended because,

1. These are very common intestinal parasites of puppies

2. The eggs, which are detected with the fecal floatation, are not passed in every stool sample.

3. The worms are potentially life threatening to the puppy

4. Humans, especially children can become infected with either/both parasites.

Immunization: we advise beginning core puppy immunizations at 6-8 weeks of age. Core puppy immunizations are those recommended for all puppies.

1. Distemper virus

2. Adenovirus (hepatitis)

3. Parvovirus

Any other vaccinations will be based on the individual risk factors associated with lifestyle and environment.

Parasite prevention: will be discussed, and individualized prevention plans will be made.

Diet/nutrition: not all puppy food is equally nutritious. We can and will provide suggestions for the correct diet for the puppy.

Puppy kit: this is an information kit for the new puppy owner. While some people are very knowledgeable about their new pup, this contains quick reference information and local services for dog owners.

Cost: between $35 (the exam only) and $107 (all recommended services and tests). These prices do not include any other medication or dewormers.


2nd visit

The second visit should be scheduled 3 weeks after the first.

Physical exam: we will again perform a complete physical exam, and check results against the 1st exam.

Fecal testing: at the second visit, we will do just a fecal floatation. This is due to the accuracy of the Giardia test (whether positive or negative), and the intermittent nature of parasite eggs in the stool.

Deworming: against hook and roundworms

Immunization: The core vaccination (DAP) will be repeated at the second visit. By boostering the DAP at 3 week intervals, we will provide good protection against common puppy diseases.

Cost: between $15 (the exam only) and $60 (all recommended services/tests). As before, these do not include any other medications or dewormers.


3rd visit

The third visit should be scheduled 3 weeks after the second visit.

Physical exam: we will again perform a complete physical exam, and check results against the 1st and 2nd exams.

Deworming: against hook and roundworms

Immunizations: The DAP will be boostered for the final time, and a 1 year rabies vaccine will be given.

Spay/neuter is typically scheduled at this time.

Cost: $15 (the exam) to $60 (all recommended services, including the rabies).


Total puppy visit cost: $227

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